The Comrades: "Going Nowhere Fast"

Written by Jimmy Williams and Randy Gaston. Copyright 1994.

Get up in the morning, that's how you start your day
Eat, shower and shit, rush along your way
Get into your car, pedal to the floor
Rush to make the deadline as you hurry for the door

The social ladder's getting higher
You can't get there without desire
I say it now, and I hope you can last
It seems to me that you're going nowhere fast

Your colleagues at work try to get real far
They want to screw their bosses and drive their cars
Chauffers and limousines, continental cousine
Every day it just seems like another halloween

The social ladder's leading nowhere
Stress and overtime bring grey hair
Insured benefits, how long will they last
By the time you reach 45-heart attack, going nowhere fast

When I'm old and I'm dying
To myself I am lying
I thought my youth would always last
Now I've come to realize we're going nowhere fast